About This Site

I am a science teacher trying to invent a curriculum for Elementary and Junior High students that actually shows them how the world works, and gets them excited about using their eyes and their mind to grasp what’s going on around them. As I develop and tinker with ideas, I discover some that work and some that don’t. This blog is my attempt to collect and advertise some of the ideas that I have come up with that I think work pretty well. The posts are not intended as a commercial publication, and I have not edited them as such, but I do claim a copyright to them. Some day, I intend to integrate everything into a systematic curriculum, and publish it for profit, but for now, I’m giving away my scraps for free. Do whatever you like with them, except sell them or claim them as your own.

If you are interested in my philosophy regarding science education, my boss and I gave a talk last December in which we discuss our point of view. You can watch it here. I also wrote a brief article on the subject for our school’s newsletter awhile back.

If you are interested specifically in astronomy, I recently started a new website devoted specifically to astronomy education: Astronomy For Thinkers.

This collection is going to take some time to build, so in the meantime, I’ll also offer at least one recommendation for other people’s work: If you are interested in lots of quick, simple, and fun science projects that you can do at home, there’s no way I can compete with Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist. Mr. Krampf is very keen on observing and questioning, and I enjoy his videos quite a bit myself.

John Krieger
VanDamme Academy
Aliso Viejo, California